2 Weeks & 1 Photoshoot

Tomorrow marks two weeks since we've released 6th & Market Boutique.  To say it's been a rollercoaster would be an understatement. 🎢 We've had amazing moments with lots of excitement and smiles.  But let's be real, there's always life behind the scenes of any photo, video, or Facebook live.  And we want to keep things real with you guys.

We're not here to pretend to perfect. 

Not 👏🏻 At 👏🏻 All! 

That will never be us.
But we will always be the women who choose to rise despite the struggles.  Who choose to build each other up.  Who choose to have hard conversations rather than fester in bitterness.  And who simply choose to show up every day for you guys, no matter the circumstances.  After all, life is a series of choices that we get to make every single day.  So why not choose to try to be the best version of yourself?

So here's recap of what we've learned in our first two weeks, ladies. 

1. Always have a contingency plan.  And a back up plan for your contingency plan.  And when that fails just cry for a minute, pick yourself up and keep going.  At the end of the day, do what's best for your clients. 🖤 The rest will fall into place.

2. Dealing with clothing manufactures is a whole nother ball game.  We both have experience with vendors across several different industries and nothing prepared us for this. 😳🥴🤯 If any new boutique owner ever reads this please know that the "oh crap" moments happened to all of us.  Do your best, take care of your clients, learn, and move on.  You've got this.

3. The Boutique Community as a whole is amazing.  We were worried that an industry that is driven by incredible fashion would be competitive and catty.  But our experience so far has been anything but that.  We recently found ourselves in a tough spot with one of our very first product launches.  Without knowing exactly what to do we went into research mode and reached out to other boutiques.  Shout out to Tomi with The Rusty Nickel Boutique💕 She came to our rescue in ways that she totally didn't have to.  She went above and beyond to make sure we could take care of our clients.  It was very humbling and someday we hope to help another boutique owner the way that Tomi helped us.

4. Never underestimate the power of the perfect outfit.  There will be times when life feels like it's falling apart around you.  Work is a disaster, you'll never get caught up.  The kids are out of control and you wonder if you'll ever sleep again.  The manufacture delays your order AGAIN and you wonder if you'll ever actually deliver your first sale.  Breathe... You just need that one outfit, pair of shoes, handbag, lipstick... whatever that one thing is, that you can put on and remind yourself what a total BOSS you are. 😎 For an extra boost, add a little 90's gangster rap.

5. Our clients are legitimately the best.  You all have liked and shared our posted.  Added your friends to our group.  Cheered us on as we reached every new milestone. 🥳  Gave us words of encouragement.  Have been gracious through our delays on initial shipments.  And we are so grateful.  Without you all of this goes away.  That's why our commitment will alway be to bring you guys the best online boutique shopping experience possible.  Because you all deserve it. 

6. Sometimes it takes a wickedly talented photographer to remind you how fierce you can really be. 📸 We had the most incredible experience with Heather Marie. To say she is talented is an understatement.  Her passion reminded us of why we chose to start this journey.  Heather has spent YEARS practicing and studying and finding her own uniqueness through her photography.  If you ever have a chance, book a shoot with her.  You'll be blown away.

So that's the scoop, 2 weeks and 1 photoshoot in. 🖤 Whatever comes next, we're here for it.


XOXO Dani & Steph