Open For Business

It’s 12:11 AM Sept 6th, 2019. 

Technically, our official launch day. 

6th & Market is open for business. 

And while we always dreamed of how glamorous this moment would feel, the truth is that it's just as terrifying as it is glamorous.  We have spent hours and hours over the last few months looking at product, researching other boutiques, and creating our own brand identity.  And every step of the way we have been flooded with love and support from our dear friends and family.  Flooded is no exaggeration.  We are launching with over 650 members in our online boutique.  OVER SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY.  Is this real life?  PINCH US!  We had hoped that maybe, just maybe, if we worked really hard we would be able to launch with 100 members.  But one after another after another… you guys showed up for us.  And we celebrated every single person.  We celebrated every like and share.  We celebrated milestone we hit and every giveaway that followed.

We are so incredibly grateful to be on this journey not only together as business partners, but together in community with all of you.  You are our 6th and Market family.  We are looking forward to many incredibly fabulous, fashionable days ahead with you.

XOXO Dani & Steph