The Boutique Experience You Deserve 🖤

Before 6th & Market Boutique even had a name we knew we wanted to be a boutique that was different.  After years of shopping at other boutiques we found a few things that were simply unimpressive or even worse, offensive. 

We've experienced:

🤔 Boutiques that had forgotten to ship orders. 

😖 Boutiques that shipped items in the original manufacture's plastic. 

😳 Boutiques that wad up our items and throw them in a bag. 

😱 Boutiques that lacked credibility when it came to on trend fashion. 

🥴 Boutiques that made us jump through hoops and play silly games. 

😔 Boutiques that offered extremely limited sizing options. 

🤯 Boutiques that delivered items that weren't as shown/described/sized and refused to exchange them.



So before we had a name and before we had a slogan, and before we really knew what our boutique would be, we knew as consumers what we expected.

👉🏻We expect packaging that feels great to open.  After all, we're spending our hard earned money on these items.  We want to enjoy it!

👉🏻We expect quality pieces at a fair price. 

👉🏻We expect a boutique that cares if we're happy with our purchases.  And if we're not happy, they'll make it right.

👉🏻We expect unique boutique type clothing in styles that adult, professional women would actually want to wear.



So when it came time to decide who we wanted to be it was pretty easy to pull the details together. 

🖤 We are a boutique that takes pride is every detail of your experience.  From the check out process, to your packaging presentation, to the time it takes to receive your order.  You deserve the best experience and we're committed to delivering it to you.

🖤 We are a boutique that's committed to following fashion trends, from the runways to your favorite retailers.  We will bring you both quality basics and the latest trends each season.

🖤 We are a boutique that will unwrap, inspect, and try on every item the manufactures send us.  We would never expect you to purchase an item that we have not personally put our hands on.

🖤 We are a boutique where the details matter.  We hand stamp each poly mailer bag.  We hand wrap each item and seal it with our signature logo.  And that signature logo sticker isn't just to hold the tissue together.  It's our commitment that what's wrapped inside carries our values.

🖤 And last, but certainly not least.  We are a boutique that's committed to becoming better every single day.  Better products, better pricing, better ways to enhance your experience.  The only competition we have is who we were yesterday.


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XOXO Dani & Steph
6th & Market Boutique